How long does battery last?

The device is guaranteed to last for 2 years and runs on low battery, you won't have to worry about charging it. 

Is the product waterproof? 


Does it work with Bluetooth? 

SEON is connected to your phone through Bluetooth. If we wanted to make the device a standalone, the resulting device would have been bulky, losing its elegance, simplicity, and small size, defeating therefore the purpose of being discreet.

What if I run out of data on my phone? 

Unfortunately, at this stage, the service wouldn't work without sufficient data on your smartphone. However, the device consumes little data once triggered, and that is because information on the user are already stored in the server and do not need to be sent again. They are directly redistributed from the server to the private security companies who receive it. 

Does the product track me all the time? 

No. The device only starts tracking you when you allow us access to your GPS location when in danger. The device location tracking is effective even when the user is in motion. Tracking will cease once the user reports they have been saved on the SEON application. 

Can I pair the product with two smartphones? 

Each product comes with one unique code to you to identify on the phone. 

What is the maximum distance between my smartphone and the device for it to efficiently operate? 

It is advisable not to be further than 20m away from your smartphone. 

I don't want a clip. Do you have other device designs? 

For our initial launch, we have opted out for a design that can be worn by both men and women, and adaptable to both their lifestyles. The present design is discreet and small, almost invisible to allow for the most seamless integration. However, the main technology lies in the chip that the user triggers in an alert situation.  In the future, we plan to provide different types of housings for our users to cater for their daily tastes. 


About the USE CASE

What if I accidentally click the button? 

We have designed the device to optimally avoid any false alarms, since the user has to essentially use both thumb and to trigger the alert. However, in case of possible false alarm, the user has 10 seconds to cancel it on their phone app. 

How can I wear the device? 

You may clip the device anywhere on your clothing, or keep it in your pocket away from sight. 

What if my phone dies? 

Unfortunately, at this point, the device cannot work if your phone is not operational. We advise that you have enough battery on your phone when heading out, or to carry a portable battery on-the-go. 

When can I use the product? 

You may use the product in situations where you are physically assaulted. It is advisable for our users not to use the device when they feel unsecure with no evidence of real danger, because other users might be in a situation that demands a serious rescue. Additional fees may apply if a user repetitively triggers the button when there is no apparent danger. warnings about excessive use of the product when the alert is not serious. 



Who intervenes to my location?

We have partnered with private security companies in SA (selectively) and have covered areas 

How do I know if my call for help was actually sent? 

When the device is triggered in an emergency situation, it starts vibrating in a discontinuous way so that the user knows that their signal was successfully sent without pulling out their smartphone number for confirmation.

How do I know if my call for help was actually sent? 

Once a private security guard receives a request for help and accepts it, the user's device vibrates in a continuous manner to let the user know that someone is on the way. 

Can I use my Seon device outside of Cape Town? 

No. Seon in Cape Town is only catered to the city, as we carefully select and build a network of private security companies catered to the local markets. Seon in Johannesburg, for instance, would only work in Johannesburg. 

What if I am in Cape Town but I happen to be in an area where Seon doesn't seem to have coverage and I am not aware of that ? 

Please refer to our areas covered in the website section and be careful when venturing into areas outside of our security coverage. With this being said, We will do our best to gradually cover all areas of Cape Town. We take a special care in onboarding our private security partners as we relie on their commitment, 100% reliability, and quality of response.

How long does it take for them to reach my location?

 Our current tests have varied from 15 minutes to less than 3 minutes of intervention when the SEON device is randomly triggered in an area of Cape Town. We work diligently to average the time of intervention to 5 minutes in all circumstances. However, you should be aware that certain factors are out of our control, such as the time of the day, the accessibility of the user's location, as well as traffic. 

What if I am in a very serious situation but the security people fail to get to me? 

We have designed our GPS technology to provide the most accurate representation of the user's location. However, it becomes complicated if the user happens to be in a crowded area. Please also note that the use of SEON device is only applicable in public spaces and not in private properties. 



How much does the hardware/service cost?

The device costs 649 ZAR. It's a one-time expense to enable the service. 
Monthly subscription fee is 249 ZAR/Month. 
Please refer to our prices and special packages in the Shop Section.  

Do you charge per call out? 

No, we charge our users a monthly fee, regardless of how many times they use the device. However, we would advise our users to recur to our solution in serious circumstances, and not based on instinctive feelings. Excessive calls may be subject to additional fees. 

Can I cancel my subscription?

You may cancel your subscription anytime you wish. Please let us know if you are encountering any issues with your device and the reasons for which you decide to end your plan. 

What happens if I lose my device? 

Please contact our support department at the following address: support@seon.network and we will make sure that you are feeling safe again. 




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