How long does the battery last?

SEON has a battery life of 2 years.

Is the product waterproof?


How does it connect to the emergency services?

SEON connects to your phone via a low energy using Bluetooth. Once you trigger the alarm, your GPS location and personal details are sent SEON platform instantly. The closest security officer is alerted and dispatched to you immediately.

What if I run out of data on my phone, or I don't have access to wifi?

Should no data or wifi service be available, SEON will send your alarm through a text message (this may incur a small charge, depending on your service provider, this feature is available on select devices). For best results and continued location updates, we recommend to always ensure having sufficient airtime or wifi signal.

Do you track me all the time?

No. We will only ever track your position once you have triggered an alarm. Please also note that all your information will be kept confidential and automatically deleted from the SEON platform in 90 days if you decide to cancel your subscription. SEON is POPI and GDPR compliant.

Can I pair the product with two smartphones?

No, SEON can only be used with one smartphone at a time.  

What if my phone gets stolen?

Even if your phone has been taken from you, an alarm can still be triggered. The maximum distance between the clip and the phone must not be greater than 20m.



About USAGE:


What if I accidentally click the button?

Once triggered, the clip and your phone will vibrate. You can cancel the alarm through the SEON app at any time.

What if my phone dies?

Unfortunately the device cannot work if your phone is not operational. We advise that you have enough battery on your phone when heading out, or to carry a portable battery on-the-go.

When can I use the product?

SEON is about what matters the most, you and your loved ones safety. If you ever feel like you might be in danger or need security assistance, please feel free to trigger the alarm. Kindly do not abuse the service. There might be other users that are in imminent danger.





Who will be responding?

We have partnered with trusted private security companies. Our service is only offered in areas with sufficient coverage.

How do I know if my call for help was actually sent?

Once a security guard receives a request for help and accepts it, the user's device vibrates twice to let the user know help is on the way. One of our SEON operators will also call the user immediately and give the user an estimated time of arrival of the closest officer.

What if I require assistance outside of the coverage area?

We only offer our service in areas where we can deliver the fastest response. If you are outside our coverage area, we will alert and support the local authorities.

How long does it take for help to arrive?

It is not possible to guarantee a standard response time, as traffic, road closures/roadblocks or load shedding might delay a response unit. We maintain the largest network of responders and will always ensure that you receive the fastest possible security response.




How much does the hardware and service cost?

If you are visiting South Africa, please refer to our list of preferred and trusted hotels and contact them directly regarding pricing. For our monthly packages, kindly visit our online shop.

Do you charge per call out?

No. The service fee covers you for as many call outs as you may need.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes. You can cancel your subscription at any time. There is no contract or cancelation fee.

What happens if I lose my device?

All your information is securely stored in your user account. Simply connect a new SEON device to your smartphone and continue using the service. You can also use our app to trigger an alarm.




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