Stay safe with SEON


Help is only minutes away with SEON

It’s discreet, mobile security that is always with you

With one click, it sends an immediate response to your exact GPS location

And because SEON is linked to all the best, local security and medical companies, no one gets help to you faster

No matter who you are, or what kind of life you want to live, stay safe with SEON

SEON is the fastest way to get help

SEON is a technology company at heart and we are proud to partner up with an ever-increasing number of emergency service providers to enable faster responses and better access to help.

SEON Technology
SEON technology company

German Engineering

When it comes to your safety, there can be no room for error.
SEON’s in-house engineering team has been working on the world’s finest machinery from Audi to Airbus and now has only one focus: Your safety

Real Security

When you need help, it will come from a trusted, vetted and properly contracted service provider.
We do not believe that safety is transactional which is why we will never charge you for a call-out and ensure that you get the fastest help.

Advanced Technology

When you activate your SEON, our R30,000,000 computer system springs to action. Within seconds, the nearest available response unit will have your exact location and profile information on their screen.

Join SEON.