Personal Security App/Device Cape Town


SEON device is a personal safety device, specifically designed to be the fastest way to request an emergency response from our private security network. Simple, discreet, and powerful. The device is app-enabled and made for an everyday use.

SEON comes with a 2-year battery life, with no need for charging.

To reach SEON customer care, email

30-day return policy. 


Looking to Buy a Safety Device or a Private Security Device in Cape Town? We offer an optimal solution to your safety worries through a Personal Security Device under the name of SEON. It's a combination of a Personal Security App, or Safety App in Cape Town along with a Safety device, or a Private Security Device, since it plugs to a number of private security companies around you, which allows you to navigate the city in all peace of mind. You can Buy the personal Safety device, at any of our partnered Hotels in Cape Town, on a rental basis. Alternatively, you can buy the Security Device at any of our partner distribution channels. Reach out to us for more information on the points of sale.